Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's Coming . . .

I've been busy with work, and of course, painting. Currently, I'm working on a deer. It should be completed tonight. I'll more than likely post it tomorrow.

Due to an upcoming juried competition I'd like to get into, and a show I'm participating in St. Charles, Ontario this coming May, I really need to reduce the amount of small work I'm producing and am starting to work on larger pieces. If anyone can make it to the St. Charles, show, it's a great annual show! There are so many talented artists of various levels in this very small area. I'll post the date and location when I have it confirmed.

Also, I'll be posting some of the smaller paintings on eBay tomorrow and have them auctioned until next Sunday. Some of these will be posted for a starting bid of $10.00 U.S., so be sure to drop in! The paintings that will be auctioned will be posted here with a link. Stay tuned!!!

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