Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday's Painting

Old Barn
5 x 7 original acrylic on canvas

Here's Friday's installment of my daily paintings. This was another quick, loose study which was fun to paint. Seems I've finally gotten over the snow! I'm really enjoying painting on masonite. It also photographs so much better than canvas. The light from the flash isn't being picked up by all the tidy ridges in regular canvas. I'm not sure I'd want to paint a very large piece on masonite, but for smaller works, or works requiring a lot of detail such as fine hairs, I just love it!

I'm still working on the large horse piece also. The background has been holding me back. Several ideas have been going through my mind, but I'm not sure yet which direction I'd like to take. The scene takes place inside a stable, which needs to be kept dark for all the light to show through, so I'm tossing around several ideas. I don't want to paint anything that will distract from the focus of the piece, which is the arabian mare and foal. Well, I should get to it!

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