Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Winter Reflections

Winter Reflections
6 x 8 original acrylic on masonite

As it turns out, something unexpected came up last night and I wasn't able to paint. And I was just itching to paint this horse eye! Finally, today came and nothing was getting between me and my painting today.

The inspiration for this painting came from one of the photos I took Sunday. I called it Winter Reflections because the reflection in the horse's eye was just me and snow. By clicking on the image, you'll get a larger version in which you can see two fence posts on each side of the eye. These aren't really evident because since the eye is round, the posts appear as round lines. And then in the middle of the eye, you see a mini-me, squating down in the wet snow shooting the picture. Since this was a bright, sunny winter day, you see very little of the original eye colour, but rather mostly the reflections caught in the eye. I really enjoyed painting this and I hope you enjoy looking at it!

Now, I have this c.d. full of arabian pics that I must sift through . . .


Kitty said...

I absoutely love this! He looks like a very sweet and gentle horse and the detail in the reflections is great.

Love your snow scenes too - they cool me down in our hot weather.

Carole Rodrigue said...

Kitty, welcome back!

I just loved painting that eye. And the horse was sweet! But maybe it was just used to people bringing treats and thought I had some . . .

And I just wish we had hot weather here! Spring's been very slow to come. I often paint winter scenes in the summer too, just to cool down. Thanks for commenting!