Monday, April 23, 2007

Wildlife Painting

Looking Ahead
14 x 18 original acrylic on canvas

I completed my fox last night. The painting depicts a cool, misty morning, with the promise of a beautiful day. The fox glows in a halo of light as it looks ahead. Does it see or hear something ahead? Perhaps the day's first meal? Or is he contemplating crossing the shallow stream?

Yesterday also announced my first loon sighting. I absolutely love the cry of the loon during the summer months, and become filled with melancholy each fall as they leave and their calls disappear. Imagine my delight as I sat down with my morning coffee yesterday and heard a loon! Last year, they didn't arrive until mid-May.

I took this picture of a male yesterday afternoon. This year, I've been blessed, and cursed. The pair of loons have nested on a tiny island (not called an island but forget the term), in front of my house. The blessing is I'm fortunate to get to enjoy their calls and watching them with binoculars from my Muskoka chair (Adirondack in U.S.) or dock. The curse is that now I'll be fretting over them all spring. Loon nests are always in danger of being washed out by rising waters, rains, and especially boats. There's a lot of boating traffic where we are and I can just see myself constantly worrying that the nest will be washed out. Loons can't go far on land since their legs are far back on extra large bodies and therefore must nest on shores, always in danger of loosing their eggs or young ones once born. I will be an anxious mother hen now. Unfortunately, I don't have a telephoto lens to get better shots. Hopefully I'll get to post a picture showing the mother carrying around her young on her back later. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

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