Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Latest Progress

This time I started with the last photo first. The painting is still not quite done, but almost! Terrible photos again due to shooting at night using a flash, but a better pic will be taken once completed. I've also added some highlighting to the islands and some reflections. I'll post the final piece once completed, using better lighting!

Now, I really need to find me something horsey to paint . . .

Here is a closeup of the canoe and rider. In person, you can really see all the tiny details in the bark. I had drawn in a rough outline for the rider again using white chalk. And I must admit, painting the man intimidated me the most, but in fact, he was the easiest thing to paint throughout this whole process! I used my boyfriend's daughter's boyfriend Alex (whew!) as a model for this, but added hair since Alex has none. Alex is a police officer for Toronto Metro, and when he came up this weekend, I had him sit at the end of the dock pretending he was riding a canoe! Thanks Alex! The man doesn't at all look like Alex, but I needed him to pose for the correct body movement.

Here, the underpainting for the canoe has been added, and from this point, various colours will be added to make it look like bark, and to add highlights and shadows. There will also be moonlight gently reflecting from behind the canoe and rider.

A rough outline for the canoe was drawn in using simple white blackboard chalk because like soft vine charcoal, it easily wipes off and doesn't stain the paint.

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