Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Cowboy

16 x 20 original acrylic on canvas

I'm pretty much finished with this. There's still some very minor adjustments I want to make to the horse's face, but I can really call it done. And you know what? I think this has got to me my favourite painting so far! I just loved working on this one and I'm very satisfied with how it all came together.

The horse and rider are from a reference photo I took at the fair two weekends ago. Although the rider somewhat resembles the original rider, I did make some alterations to keep the fella anonymous. When I took the photo, he just looked like such a cool cowboy, with such a classic cowboy pose that I had to paint him. This was a real horseman with several horses that he was showing and competing. You could tell he took immense pride in his horses, and they won several prizes too.

So what's next? Something really different for me. I'm working on a commission for my municipal council which will be given to a local native visitor centre/museum. I'm thinking Ojibwe canoe, Lake Nipissing or the French River, morning mist . . . Naturally I would've loved to paint a historical scene with an aboriginal riding a horse, but historically, the Ojibwe did not ride horses around here. Too much water, so a bark canoe was the transport of choice. I'll be taking a lot of time on this one, so I can't be too sure when I'll post next. Perhaps I'll post some photos of my work in progress from time to time.

And, thanks for looking!

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