Monday, June 4, 2007

New Piece

9 x 12 original acrylic on masonite

This beauty was painted from a reference pic provided by Sue. The horse's breed is unknown, but she is such a beautiful creature! When I saw this reference, I just had to paint it. Thanks so much Sue for such a wonderful reference!

It was a great challenge adding all the tiny details, but a fun challenge at that. I like to keep pushing myself, go further than what I'm accustomed to. I like to stretch my limits, get out of my comfort zone. I strongly feel that it's only by getting out of our comfort zones that we grow as artists. Only painting what comes easy and what doesn't intimidate only limits us with our abilities. That lesson applies to life as well, doesn't it?


Donna Ridgway said...

Hi Carole!
This horse is beautiful. I love the angle and all the tack too. This horse looks like she wishes she was wild, running over the plains!

Carole Rodrigue said...

Donna, thank you for the nice comment! The angle is thanks to Sue though, the person who took such a great photo. And the horse does have that look, doesn't she?