Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Work in Progress

Here are the first three photos of the new piece I'm working on. Please scroll down to the third photo as it is the first in the work in progress.

Again, terrible photo!!! I've added trees typical to this area. This scene could either be on Lake Nipissing or the French River. The terrain is very similar, and both bodies of water have the same native trees. On these islands I've painted white pines, growing scraggly and twisted from the harsh winds. It's quite rare to see perfectly straight white pines growing on islands. They take a real beating out there.

I've also added more light to the horizon line on the water to add more depth and to again provide value differences. The islands also have touches of dark oranges or brown so that they don't just appear dark and black in person.

Tomorrow I'll begin with my canoe and native. I'll post more photos as I go. I hope you've enjoyed this little sneak peek! But please, please refrain from judging until it's complete! I can't say how many times someone's walked into my studio, looked at an unfinished piece, and say, "Why don't you do this, or add that? Something's missing." Of course something's missing. Lots is missing! Well, wait until it's finished. Lol! I'll post again tomorrow.

This second photo shows clouds that have been added using blue, purple, white, orange, and touches or burnt sienna. I've also added islands in the distance. It's a dark photo since I had to reduce my flash, but the value changes are quite evident to the eye .

For this painting, I want to create a warm, earthy feel. I've applied several glazes of burnt umber, burnt sienna, orange, naples yellow, purple, and cobalt blue, all in varying amounts and in different places. I re-started my sky 3 times so far. The first 2 versions didn't satisfy me at all, so I kept re-working until I created what felt right. This painting is acrylic on 16 x 20 masonite.

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