Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fresh From the Kitchen!

14 x 18 original acrylic on canvas

It's finally done, well pretty much. I still need to do some tweaking on my barrel and perhaps the man's face. Funny what you see on a computer screen that you don't notice with the naked eye. It wasn't until I uploaded my photo that I noticed the barrel needed to be straightened out a little. And the man's jaw seemed to jump out at me. I'm not sure if I want it so angular or if I should smooth it out a little. Very minor touches which will probably take a whole 15 minutes.

My studio's still far from completion, so I'm still stuck working from the kitchen. I've started another horse close crop which shouldn't take as long as this one did. I'd like to start on a much larger piece, but I just have no room! I might start with my drawing though and get it all laid out and planned. Studio or not, no need not to make the most of my time! So, until the next time, take care!

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