Friday, July 27, 2007


14 x 18 original acrylic on canvas

I managed to get this piece done tonight. Today was a nice sunny day, but after getting sunburned all week from sitting in and by the lake, I decided to avoid the sun today and stayed in to paint instead. I'm calling this one "Smitten" because of the reflection in the eye.

The studio's still in disaray, but it's progressing! We'll soon be ready to paint and set things up. I really can't wait. My better half is becoming somewhat fed up with being cooped up in the basement working, so we need a time out from all the construction. Tomorrow night seems like a great time to catch some horse races at Sudbury Downs. Sounds like a great idea to get some more horse photos too! Can never have enough horse photos. I've got over 3000 pictures that I've taken myself and I still always seem to be going through them for hours trying to decide what to paint. No, never enough horse photos!

'Till next time, take care!

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