Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Still Working, or at Least Trying . . .

I'm almost done my painting. The horse's halter has been started and I should be done tomorrow. Painting in the kitchen has been a nightmare. The lighting just isn't adequate, whether by natural daylight or artificial light. I had planned a summer full of painting, but these renovations are slowing me down quite a bit.

I bought some new pastels though yesterday, so I'm going to take this opportunity to become aquainted with them and work on a couple of demos I saw on WetCanvas. I've never used pastels before except for when I was a child in school, so this should be quite interesting. I'm always up for a new challenge anyway. Since I can't be in my studio either, I'm going to also use this time to prepare canvases for new paintings. There's one I've been planning on for a while, so I'll go ahead and prepare my drawings and at least get it ready to paint. Hopefully that'll be soon!

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