Friday, August 31, 2007

Wild News!

Private commission, Untitled, full painting unrevealed

How's everyone been? I've been doing great! Just finished working on a commission, but I'm not going to be posting the picture of the full work. This is a gift for someone, so out of respect for my client, I might not be able to post a full photo until after Christmas. I'll just post a very short crop of the eye. This was just such a beautiful horse to paint!

Now, for the wild news. I'm going on a limb, getting a little crazy, unconventional, radical. I'm giving away free art!!!

You read right ladies and gentlemen, I'll be giving away free art! Beginning this September, I will have a draw for one free 5 x 7 painting each month. I will be posting an email link on the first page of my site sometime tomorrow. To enter, simply click the link and provide your name and contact information, and shipping information. Yes, even shipping is free! Now isn't that pretty exciting news! Anyone can enter, except my immediate family that is. Sorry guys . . .

Be sure to spread the word and let everyone know about this! Just in case you're not sure where to go, visit

Now, gotta go. I have a painting to work on. A painting I'm giving away October 1st! Keep watching!


The Breen Gallery said...

Hello! I'm Genie with The Breen Gallery. We just created a blog here for ourselves and now I'm poking around, looking at other Western art at Blogger. Saw some of your stuff and wanted to say hi. See you around!

Carole Rodrigue said...

Genie, hello and welcome! I also checked out some of Bud's work on your site and it's pretty amazing. Good luck with the gallery, and be sure to come back!