Sunday, September 16, 2007

1st In The Rodeo Crew

The Rodeo Crew: At The Watering Hole
24 x 20 original acrylic on canvas

Here it is at last! The first painting in the Rodeo Crew set. I finished working on the railing today and might still adjust a few things, but it's pretty much done now. Adding all those nicks and scratches was the fun part! And in this painting, even though it's a grey day, there does seem to be a general atmostphere of contentment with the horses. There's a feeling of peace and pleasure, which is somewhat contradictory since these horses have just participated, or are heading for the bronc competitions. I painted it with this peaceful feeling though because that's how I always want to think of horses: drinking, eating, chumming around, and just being happy. For this reason, I've painted the edges in softer, calming blues. For one, softening the edges completed the tone of a grey, drizzly day, and also, the soft blues evoke a peaceful feeling.

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