Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's Really Done Now

Yes, now it's really done. There was some negative space on the bottom that was really bothering me so I've touched it up and now I'm really satisfied! The picture is taken at an angle due to my struggling against the wind when I took the photo. Hopefully the wind stays still tomorrow so I can take a decent photo for my website.
I won't be doing any more work or changes on this one. There comes a time in each painting where one has to decide when it's done, and this is it. I had some ideas for other things to add, but I've decided against these. The completion of a piece is always more of a decision than a point of arrival. An artist could keep going on and on, changing this, adding that, but there always comes a time when one must stand back and say, "It's done!" So there you have it, it's done!
The other painting I'm working on is also coming along quite nicely. Keep checking! It should be done within a few days.

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