Friday, September 14, 2007

Still Working On It

Work in Progress

Hello! I thought I should post a picture of the rodeo horses I've been working on. It's a blurry shot, but that's okay since I don't usually like to show incomplete work. The horses are pretty much done, except for maybe a little tweaking, and I've started working on the railing. So far only the underpainting's done. It was a little nerve wracking deciding to put in the railing. I kept going back and forth between painting it in or leaving it out. Now that it's started, I'm happy I decided to add it. It's always a scary thing to paint over something you've worked so hard on, but I really like where this is going and painting the railing was the right decision. It just makes the painting so much more interesting.

I've also started working on a larger piece today. Of course I'm painting a horse, on a large 24 x 30 canvas. The horse will be emerging from the dark and it should be very dramatic. A delightful play on dark and light.

I'm hoping to get the rodeo painting done by this Monday. Company might be coming for the weekend, but hopefully I can still manage to steal some time. Until then, take care!

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