Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Rodeo Crew Part Deux!

The Rodeo Crew II: The Brat Pack
24 x 20 original acrylic on canvas

Here's part two of the Rodeo Crew series. I'm thinking it's done, but as always, I'll look at this for a while to see if it needs anything else. I kept the same atmosphere as the first one although the horses' poses are quite different, along with the placement of the fence. The horses peeking from the rear are also a cute touch!

I'm still working on the large piece I'd previously mentioned, and also started on a close-up piece of a Belgian.

This coming Sunday, I will be at the Carusso Club in Sudbury showing some work for the annual Club Richelieu des femmes annual fashion show and expo. There will be other tables with people showing crafts and other wares. It would be really neat to meet someone there who says to me, "Hi! I read on your blog you'd be here . . ."

Stay tuned for the next piece to be posted. It'll probably be the larger dark piece I've been working on. Until then . . .

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