Thursday, November 1, 2007

November's Contest Painting

Regal Spirit
5 x 7 original acrylic on masonite

Here's the painting for November's free painting contest. The winner for October's painting is L. Conrad from Azilda, On. Congratulations!!!

Regal Spirit's been painted as I've been struggling with a nasty flu. I hadn't been sick with a flu or cold for several years, and had bragged about it extensively. Guess I've learned my lesson. Never, ever brag, especially about not getting sick! It catches up sooner or later. *cough* Someone get me a hot toddy, please. *sniffle*

There's something I need to comment on about painting too. I came to realize a while back that a realistic looking painting doesn't need to be tight. By this, I mean that one doesn't need to focus on each brush stroke being perfect. By using correct lighting, or realistic lighting, a painting can be very loose, yet look realistic. This painting's an example of this. It was painted very loosely, but it is the lighting that gives it its realistic look. If one would stand close to it and look, one would see the very loose strokes. There's really nothing tight about this piece. So there you have it, one doesn't need to agonize over a tight painting, dissecting and analyzing each stroke. Just paint the light!

By the way, to enter the contest for the free monthly painting, either to to or email me at Be sure to leave your name and you'll be contacted if you win. I must go now. I need a warm blanket, a box of tissues, meds, a jar of Vicks, and someone to serve and nurse me . . . *cough, cough*

(*the wrong email was posted on Nov. 1 for the free painting contest but has since been corrected, November 2, 1:40 am., apologies to anyone who tried to work the other email adress)

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