Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Still Life

8 x 10 original acrylic on masonite

Yes, on occasion, this gal does enjoy doing still life. This vase is one of several that were given to me by my dear aunt who lived in New Mexico for, I think, over 30 years. I've collected so much pottery and jewellery over the years, thanks to my aunt, and I cherish each and every special piece. I did alter some of the pattern on the vase, however, and added more light than what the original clay vase had. It just looked better with more light rather than leaving it flat. And pardon the glare; the photo was taken tonight using a flash, which of course, always creates a glare.

Hope you enjoy this piece! It is for sale, along with more great art which can be found on my website. You can always contact me through my website also. I really need to add a contact on here . . .

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