Sunday, April 20, 2008

Good Stuff

View from my dock this evening

Well, well, well, seems we've gone from winter and jumped right into summer in Northern Ontario. Last weekend, we were fighting a snow storm and freezing rain. The last few days here have been absolutely splendid! The ice is pretty much all melted from the lake, and the temperature hit 23 celcius for the last few days here. Can't ask for anything better.
Another sure sign of winter finally being over is the arrival of loons last Thursday. The last few years, they didn't arrive until mid-May, so they're a full month early this year. A good friend of ours says that the Ojibwe say that once you hear the first cry of a loon, there will only be another 3 days of frost. I'll be counting!
The last week has also brought the arrival of many other birds. The lake is full of geese and ducks, but the most amazing is the appearance of 4 golden eagles. They've been circling our house and the lake all week, all day long, just gliding around in circles. It's an amazing thing to watch them glide by. I swear they don't use their wings; all they do is glide. One flew really low above the tree line today and cast a huge black shadow moving by as I was in the kitchen preparing supper. My girls (2 cats) were outside so I immediately ran out to do the head count. I've read that eagles don't take domestic animals, but then I've read from people who'll argue they've found animal collars, and cat and dog skulls in eagles' nests. I think I'll keep an eye out on the girls just to be safe. Our friend also says that eagle sightings from your home is a sign of being blessed, or good tidings, or something like that (big grin). In any case, I keep the binoculars and camera handy at all times now, but they're so huge and go by so fast, it's hard to keep a close-up view for long.

That's it for tonight folks. Hope you enjoy the pic from my dock. Now I'm in the mood for painting loons or some other bird. Gotta go . . .

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