Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mural Panel

I'm back from the land of the dead after another terrible bout with the flu. Since last Thursday, my time was spent either sleeping in bed, or sleeping on the couch, but almost always sleeping. Sure glad that's pretty much over with!

'Nuf of that. The picture you see above is of my panel for Le Cadeau du Cheval (The Gift Horse) mural. We were fortunate enough to get to pick our panels and I'm really happy I got my first choice. I have a few ideas for this panel and can definitely see several things. What I do end up painting will be posted here. Although this isn't due until July 1st, knowing me, I'll be starting this immediately. At least sketching out a few of my ideas to see which one I'll decide on. I'll post the work in progress also, once I start. So be sure to keep checking to see updates on this. I know I haven't been posting much lately, but hopefully this starts changing now that my health is coming back. 'Til next time . . .

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