Monday, April 7, 2008

Springtime in the North

Springtime has finally arrived here in the Great White North! A sure sign was the return of the Canada geese last week, followed by mourning doves, and robins!!! Once these birds arrive up here, you know that winter's on it's way out.

The picture above was taken this afternoon by yours truly (click on it for larger view). Each year, a local farm gets invaded by geese and ducks as they arrive by the hundreds. A small creek overflows on the property, and the whole field becomes a temporary lake, where the new arrivals congregate. This picture is of only a tiny part of the field. There are sooo many more birds than what you see here. I tried getting closer shots but the darn creatures kept going out further. Still, what a sight, and quite something to hear also. I just love this time of year.

I don't have a painting to show this week, and I don't feel guilty! Nope. I'm taking my time on several pieces, one of which includes chickadees, and yikes, flowers! Though I used to paint flowers years back, they're not my favourite subject and I always swore I'd never paint them again. But here I am, inspired by Terry Isaac, painting a garden scene with roses. My painting is an original, thought up and designed by me, but I was very much inspired by Mr. Isaac. I just love his bird pieces, and birds are my second favourite subject after horses. His paintings always glow with such beautiful light.

Since I'm on the subject of other artists, another artist that has inspired me and whose work I admire so much is Canadian artist, Ken Danby. Although recently deceased, Danby's work, to me, is way up there with Robert Bateman. If I could ever paint water and landscapes half as well as he did, I'd be one very happy woman. Words cannot do his work justice. One must just see for themselves, so here's a link to his website and works

Until next time, at least go and enjoy Danby's art. . .

Day 8 smoke free!

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