Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh My!

Oh me-oh-my!!! Where has the time gone? I have to apologize for not giving an update sooner, but this girl's started a new job and has been working overtime, This has left me with very little time to myself lately. But I did manage to do some work on my Cadeau du Cheval panel.

Here's what I decided to paint for my panel: My panel will feature Caligula's horse Incitatus. For those who don't know about Incitatus, he was Caligula's prized horse and so loved by the Emperor that he was treated like a king. Incitatus had a black marble stable, was adorned with purple blankets, drank and ate from jewelled cups, received dignitaries to dine with him ~yes, the horse!~ and had a wife, Penelope.

It was also rumored that Incitatus was made senator by Caligula who'd apparently had lost his marbles. I wonder if some of it ended up in the stables . . . Anyway, this was a rumor and history holds no proofs of this, but it was also rumored that Caligula had Incitatus declared a god, one who embodied all other gods. Interesting and strange man eh . . .

So, after staring at my panel for hours, days even, I thought Incitatus would be perfect for the shapes in the panel, which must be kept. I have put several hours of painting in and will soon post a pic of the progress. A little more work and I'm almost ready to add Incitatus. It should be a really interesting piece, so be sure to come back soon and have a peek! Until then, take care!

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