Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Painting and a Heartache

11 x 14 original acrylic

Here's an unplanned painting that I'd started a couple of days ago and finished tonight. It's the same Egyptian colt I'd painted in Age of Innocence. Isn't he such a beauty? There are a couple of finishing touches that I need to add tomorrow, then that's it.

Now for the heartache. I'm sure most of you have either heard, seen, or read about Eight Belles. What a tragedy, and hours later, my eyes still get teary just thinking about it. My heart goes out to Belles' owners, trainer, and everyone who was close to her. One always hates it when a horse gets injured and has to be put down, but with two broken ankles, there was just no hope for this amazing filly who'd shown so much heart. I also can't help wondering if perhaps she would've won the Derby. Speculation is useless at this point, but I keep wondering if perhaps she was already experiencing pain and just kept pushing on and pushing on, giving all her heart and still coming in second. I just wonder . . .

Big Brown sure didn't disapoint and gave the crowd what they expected. Seemed he just came out of nowhere and plunged ahead to first in the blink of an eye. Congratulations Big Brown!

Okay, I need to get off and stop thinking about Eight Belles. And of course, getting on the net tonight, I came across pictures I didn't want to see, and shouldn't have seen. I hate when they show that stuff, and I commend NBC and other news reports that didn't show it. They didn't show it during the Derby programming. Nobody needs to see that; we get the unwanted mental picture already. So, my heart and prayers go to all of Belles' people. You had one fine horse there, and she'll always be remembered fondly.

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