Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Think It's Done . . .

Cadeau du Cheval panel, untitled painting of Incitatus
Hello! Here's what I think is my completed panel for the Cadeau du Cheval mural. I'll take a couple of days to look at it to see if anything needs fixing.
There's a glare in the photo and you can't see his necklace well either, but I'm planning on getting this scanned professionally this weekend for future prints. I've also decided to not add too much to the piece, just the necklace and purple blanket, along with the black marble stable entrance. Sometimes less is more, and I think the blanket alone should arouse enough curiosity for people to want to know more. Please do email me or leave a comment to let me know what you think!
This weekend will again be a busy one also. I've been prepping Lonesome Charlie and had Cafe Regular, and the painting of the soap and glass blocks from my bathroom framed. I'll be bringing these to the La Cloche art competition on Saturday. This is the first time I'm entering a competition where I'll be showing actual paintings and I'm just sooo excited! I'd joined a couple of competitions in the past where only pictures were sent, so I'm looking forward to having my paintings seen. Now, I'm hoping they get juried in and that they'll do well. Wish me luck! I'm attaching pics of the glass blocks and Cafe Regular. Charlie can be seen on my website at
Café Regular,original acrylic

Soap, Candle, & Glass, original acrylic


José said...

Hi Carole,

These are great works.
The "café regular" one is my favourite.

Take care,


Carole Rodrigue said...

José, thank you so much for the comment! I really like Cafe Regular also and it probably is my favorite piece to date. Stay tuned for competition results next weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if you know the number of your panel, so we can find it on the mural site. I looked untill my eyes are crossed, and I still can't find it!
As per usual, you're doing great work!! Keep it up.
The Josh Lyons' one is beautiful!


Carole Rodrigue said...

Hi Nancy, thanks for the comment!And I'm glad you enjoyed the Josh Lyons piece too. It was a great one to paint since that scene was still fresh in my mind, and I did fall in love with that horse! It was just such a great moment to witness and capture -- that beautiful relationship that can develop between man and horse.

And my apologies. The panel # is 116. If you look by the thigh and stifle, there I am! Thanks again for the compliment. It really is very much apreciated.