Monday, June 9, 2008

So, This is What I've Been Up To . . .

I'm popping in here real quick to give a brief update and post a few pics. It's been hard finding the time to post regularly, but hopefully things will slow down in about a month and get back to normal.

This past weekend, my friend Tammy and I headed up north in Quebec to attend a Josh Lyons clinic. Wow, wow, wow!!! What a weekend it was! Josh broke a 2 yr old, completely untrained horse and rode it within hours. The Lyons' methods are amazing and I highly recommend that anyone with horses should buy the books, c.d.'s, and attend a clinic.

I had never seen a horse being trained from scratch like this and have to admit I had pre-conceived notions of a horse being, well, "broken" through physical methods which would make me cringe. But this wasn't the case with the Lyons' method. Not one hair on that horse was hurt, and in fact, I was completely amazed to see how Josh had that horse stuck to him like glue after, following his ever step, nuzzling his back as he spoke, and just seeming so happy to be around Josh. Even upon entering the arena that morning, that colt looked like a 2 yr old brat and within hours seemed to have acquired a certain "maturity" and level of respect that wasn't there earlier. The next morning, Josh came in, the horse immediately turned toward him, waited for a cue, then went to Josh. Josh quickly repeated what he'd done the previous day, and rode the horse again, without a problem.

So, many were thinking that the horse was being this way because of Josh, but the host, Laurier, came in and got on that horse, no problem. Morceaux de gateau, as Josh joked. (Sorry, no accents on my "gateau" and I'm too lazy to look up my alt codes.)Later that afternoon, Josh helped a woman whose horse had an intense trailer fear and had even fell over that morning as they tried to load it up. This horse was an old Thoroughbred with what the woman said was an unpleasant past. Watching that horse, it was obvious there was a high level of neuroticism and who knows what that poor creature had endured in her life. But again, Josh walked into the round pen and the horse just seemed to immediately calm. In about an hour of working with her, that horse walked into the trailer by herself and kept doing it thereon after. Josh even had his little boy come in and walk the horse into the trailer, and then the horse's owner, who seemed pleasantly relieved.

The Thoroughbred entering the trailer as Josh Lyons watches.

Anyway, it was an amazing event and I highly recommend anyone who has horses to attend a Lyons clinic if ever you get a chance. This definitely ranks as one of the top things I've witnessed in my life.

Oh, and my panel. Not done. Almost though. I'm giving you a sneak peak but keep in mind I still have work to do and it will look very different, and the horse isn't done either. The background has been changed also since I took this photo. I'm also entertaining adding a purple blanket around Incitatus' legs, blowing in the wind, a necklace (see all in white chalk marks), and maybe even a crown since he was allegedly made a Roman senator. I want to add personal Incitatus and Caligula touches, otherwise, what's the point of making this horse Incitatus, right? So, there will be some touches of Caligula's eccentricity and madness. So, in the meantime, enjoy the photos, visit to see some completed panels, and be sure to visit or . I'll be back soon! Good thing this was a quick post eh! ;-)

Le Cadeau du Cheval panel, work in progress

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