Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's Canada Day, Eh!

18 x 24 original acrylic

Happy Canada Day everyone! Hope it's a good and safe one for all. I've been busy taking advantage of the day off and getting things done around the house. That included finishing this piece here which is still untitled. I gathered some clay vases I had and a bottle, and this is what I came up with. I must admit my intentions when painting this were purely selfish. We might be putting the house up for sale so I thought I'd change some of the artwork in the house. We've been looking at houses and I must admit that when the decor and art look good in a house, the house looks better. Bad art and decor, and the nicest house won't be appealing. So, yup, selfish motive. And this one will look sooo good in my hand-carved, darkly stained Spanish frame. Gonna be a beauty in there! I love this one!

Oh, and pssst, look at this link here (after you're done here) http://www.geocities.com/laclocheartshow/ for the La Cloche art show, look in the "r's", and you'll see my name there as one of the artists juried into the show. Yippee!!! My first time being juried into an art show, and I am so very excited. And La Cloche is such a great art show! Check out the history: http://www.willisville.ca/La%20Cloche%20Art%20Show.htm (wow, Robert Bateman and Sir Frederick Banting! Yup, same guy who discovered insulin) So, you all need to check in next weekend and I'll tell you about the winners.

So, gotta go now, I've got something horsey cooking up in my mind and I need to find the perfect reference. Anyone have a great shot of a chestnut or bay, full body, head down, looking forward?

And since I'll be at the La Cloche show on the 4th, to all my American friends, have a wonderful, safe, and happy 4rth of July!!! Make it a good one!

Again, Happy Canada Day mes amis!

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