Saturday, July 5, 2008


Hi everyone, here's news from last night's La Cloche art competition.

Drum roll . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Cafe Regular won 2nd place in the acrylic category!!! Yay! My first competition win and words can't describe how happy I am about this. I'm also happy to report that Lonesome Charlie got juried into the show. He didn't win an award, but being juried in is great in my eyes. Especially since this is an equine piece and it's known in the equine art circles that horsey pieces don't usually do well in non-equine competitions. So, Charlie being juried in is a real honor!
I also saw some extremely beautiful acrylic paintings that didn't win awards and I felt a couple could've come in first. Guess you just never know what it is that judges will look for, so to any artists out there, always go with the pieces you feel good about because there's a good chance that others will feel good about these too. And there were so many beautiful pieces in the show also, so if you do find yourself in the area, it's a show well worth seeing.
I also came back home with the Soap, Candle, and Glass painting, but that's okay. Can't win'em all eh! Again, I'm just sooooo happy to have been juried in, and then to have Café Regular win, well, that just takes the cake now doesn't it. Gotta go, but here are a couple of pics from last night, me with Café Regular and m'blue ribbon, and Charlie at the show. Take care everyone!

Me, Café Regular, and the blue ribbon, YAY!

Here's Lonesome Charlie at the show. Way ta go Charlie!

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