Monday, October 13, 2008

Popping in Quickly . . .

16 x 20 original acrylic

I'm popping in for a quick update. This painting is one I've been working on recently and it's not completely finished. She's a little Arabian filly from a reference sent to me by my good friend Kristen Queen. Thanks Kristen! There's some tweaking and adjusting to be made, and I'm not satisfied with it yet, but I thought I'd post anyway after receiving a reprimand yesterday.

Yup, sitting at the dinner table having our Thanksgiving feast at my parents, my brother casually looks over at me and says, "You oughta be ashamed of yourself."
"Uh?", I wondered.
He then says, "You haven't posted anything on your blog in ages. You oughta be ashamed of yourself." Thanks big bro. :-s

So, folks, yes, I am deeply ashamed, and sorry. Please accept my humble appologies. Not to be making excuses, but I've been extremely busy with a new job, one where I'm up at 5:30 each morning, then had to study nightly because we were tested once a week. This job required us to reach an average of 80% each test, and boy oh boy, I'm pooped. After doing this for weeks (testing's done), I just want to sit back and do absolutely nothing! I mean, shut the brain down and do squat!

But, I can't. See, we sold our lovely house by the lake and we're moving to the city. As much as living the dream's been great, the extra time required to do the simplest things has finally taken its toll. After being here 5 yrs, we decided it was time to go. I've been in these parts since '93, and I will greatly miss the lake, the nature, sights, smells, sounds, the call of the loon, seeing horses every day . . . I'll miss it all deeply, but the time came.

The final straw that made me decide I couldn't stay here anymore was this past June when golfing with my significant other and some friends for a fund raising tournament. It had been a wet spring and after standing on a wet golf course all day, my allergies had gotten the best of me. No problem, there was a drug store on our way home so I could get some Benadryl. Right? WRONG!!! See, around here, a pharmacist has to be on site to be able to get Benadryl. So, little ole sick me couldn't buy Benadryl and it was over an hour's drive to town to get some. I was sick for 2 days before I could get any, and that was the straw that broke the camel's back. That very same day, I looked at my mate and firmly stated that we were moving, period. We called the realtor, and after several close calls for selling the place, and nearly changing our minds many times, we sold it. And it's funny too because on the day we sold, we'd decided to take the signs down the next day. Guess there's a reason for everything . . .

I know I'll deeply miss this place, but then again, I am looking forward to new experiences. Just to be able to take walks is going to be such a blessing. I miss taking walks, and so many other things. Will this affect my art? It might. Artists tend to paint what they experience. Will I stop painting horses? HELL NO!!! Never! That's something that's completely innate and is has such a strong pull that I doubt there's anything that'll ever make me give up painting horses. In fact, I plan on buying one soon, so I'll be even more inspired. Been thinking of a nice dark bay or black QH gelding, broke, good natured, calm . . . Ahh, can't wait . . . I'm off my target time-wise for buying my horse, but all in good time. And I will have my horse . . .

On that note, I also wanted to let you all know that I'll be busy packing for the next couple of weeks, and then settling in to the new place, painting, walls that is, and all that stuff. So, please be patient with me and give me about a month. I promise you'll see more of my presence then. I know many of you keep checking regularly and have probably been let down lately. Just hang in there with me and I'll be back soon, and I'll be able to do so much more online also. I'll finally be able to have high speed, so there's so much more that I'll be able to do, and so many more things I'll be able to offer. I'm also thinking of a My Space page, more products, tons of good stuff! Until then, you all take good care of yourselves, and wish me luck!

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