Monday, November 17, 2008

Latest Paintings

5 x 7 original acrylic

11 x 14 original acrylic

Hey everyone! Here are some pics of the latest pieces I've worked on. They're both untitled as of yet, although I'm thinking of calling the bull "A Whole Lotta Bull!".

The first piece, the pony, was pretty much just a quick, getting back in the mode piece. Just a little warmer to get back into the swing of things. I could actually do a lot more on it, but am choosing not to and will leave it at that.

As for the bull, isn't he just the prettiest bull? I mean, if bulls can be pretty, that is. I do find him to be a beauty though. I photographed him at a rodeo this past summer and fell in love with his eyes. His eyes looked both scary and beautiful at the same time. I'm sure the guys who ride him probably find him to be a scary brute! Anyhow, I loved this bull and have been itching to paint him for months now. I'm glad I've finally gotten around to it. I might change the background somewhat though. I think I might like it more brown and earthy than the bright orange. I'll see just how much time I have since I'm currently working on a mallard and will soon be starting a horse portrait. All in good time, eh!

Gotta go now, but I'll post the next 2 pieces as soon as they're done. Also, be sure to drop in at my MySpace page and add me as a friend! ( )

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