Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mural News

Well, I'll be! After a short time away from the Internet, I've learned so much has happened regarding the Cadeau du Cheval mural. As you all know, our first unveiling was at the Masters at Spruce Meadows in Alberta, and from there, the mural travelled south to Ohio for the All American Quarter Horse Congress where it was admired by beaucoup de people. Now, the mural is headed even further south down in Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo! Amazing!!!

What's even more amazing is that, apparently, Horse Illustrated is doing an article on the mural, and so is Cowboys and Indians magazine. I've also learned that Cowboy Country T.V. has done a feature on a current episode (see http://www.cowboycountrytv.com/ about episode #710).

Now, I'm just super tickled about all of this, especially about us being on Cowboy Country. I've been a big fan of that show for quite a while now and would never miss an episode on Saturdays, and then I'd even often watch a few re-runs in a row on Sundays. I am saddened however that just when I move, I find out I don't have Cowboy Country on cable where I am. Bummer. Real bummer. Not only do I miss Ash Cooper, and Dave and Barb Poulsen, but watching western artists on there was a real highlight for me. And that little violin ditty during the historical segment, boy, I miss that too . . . I wonder if I could order a copy of the show from their website?

Anyway, all of this news I got from reading Phil Alain's blog at http://philalain.blogspot.com/ Phil's got great stuff on there about the mural's travels and about other murals. He's also got great pictures from the mural events and I'm glad I can check out his blog since I can't see it right now myself. Thanks for filling my imagination with the updates and pictures, Phil!

And on the painting beat, I'd started a small 5 x 7 horsie piece and plan on finishing either tonight or tomorrow. It's kinda hard to get into it tonight with all of the U.S. election excitement, so it might be put off until tomorrow. But I do think painting small for now is a great idea.

I'll post back real soon, and until then, you take care of yourselves and make tomorrow a great day!

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