Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boy It's Cold!

Yeah, it sure is, and it'll get real cold in a few days! The mercury's supposed to drop down to about 37 below in a couple of days and I'm really not looking forward to it. That kind of cold weather is just insane! And warm up your car all you want, the darned tires are still square when you start driving, the seats are rock hard, and you feel like you're driving something out of the Flintstones the way the car hobbles down the road! I'm not exaggerating folks. For those who've never lived in colder climates, tires really do get square. The part that's been sitting on the ground all night kinda stays that way for a bit until they warm up. So, square tires.

No pictures to post tonight, but I have been working on few things. If things keep up, I'll be no closer to finishing 50 pieces this year either. Twice in the last week I've painted over paintings I'd started. You start off with a vision, thinking you know where you're going, then you get about half way and you think, no way, that's not what I wanted. So, me being me, out comes the gesso and the large brush, and slip-slop, I'm covering up what I'd painted. I've painted over completed pieces many times in the past also. It's just something I do when I'm not satisfied. Some have wanted to scream at me for doing this, thinking the works were just fine, but when you know what you want and it's just not cutting it, there's just no point in keeping it. It'll just make me cringe each time I have to see it, and Lord knows, there's already enough of that out there. Yanno, stuff that makes me cringe. So, I paint over stuff.

It's funny too how people think that everything artists do is magic. The truth is, there's a lot of hard work that goes into the creative process, and the results aren't always satisfying. Sometimes stuff will just flow and come easily, and other times, well . . . It was a HUGE relief for me when more than once, I'd read magazine interviews with major, well-known artists, that not everything they painted was good. They also had a lot of garbage they didn't want to put out there. So, all's normal in the art world and in my world, I s'pose . . .

And now I also suppose that I really should head back to the studio. Gotta work again all week and that really cuts into my painting time. Nothing cuts off the flow of creative energies like a mentally draining job. Yup. So, I really need to try and get in as much as I can, when I can, when it comes to painting. So bye for now, and I hope all's well in your world!

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