Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Panel, Oops!

Just a quick note to say hi before my cereal gets soggy and before I rush off to bed.

Nancy wrote:

I'm wondering if you know the number of your panel, so we can find it on the mural site. I looked untill my eyes are crossed, and I still can't find it!As per usual, you're doing great work!! Keep it up. The Josh Lyons' one is beautiful! Nancy

Thank you Nancy! I left a comment at the post "I think It's Done" dated June 18th but thought I'd post the panel number here too. My apologies to Nancy and anyone else who'd tried to find it! The panel number is #116.

Gotta run, before my cereal does . . . ;-)

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Nancy Rodrigue-Hack said...

Thanks Carole......I had actually found it! A little cross eyed by the time I did, but I still did!!