Thursday, April 30, 2009


16 x 20 original acrylic

Well, here is my latest piece. I called it Timeless because of the subject matter. There's the obvious, a clock, which depicts time. Then there's the Venus de Milo statue, Aphrodite, and a reproduction of an ancient classic Greek vase. The original is said to be dated over 500 B.C. . So, when I started painting this, the title just practically yelled from the canvas.

Painting this piece was a pleasure and a challenge. I used a thick cotton sheet for the background which I've now claimed as an art prop and plan on using it a lot. The statue we have at home and was purchased in Greece by my boyfriend, as well as the vase. Our copy of Aphrodite had a greenish gown and I wanted to try to keep the painting mostly true to the original, so I decided to paint her the same colour throughout. The vase was the easiest part and the clock the most challenging. I really wanted to get a realistic feel even though looking at it closely, it's very painterly, which is my style. Painterly realism. I still don't know who coined that term, but it suits my style. Thanks, whomever you are . . . And of course, I can't leave out the background. It's the second time I paint such a theme, using white cloth. The first time was in Café Regular, which won 2nd place at the La Cloche show in the acrylic category. I absolutely love painting fabric, with all it's curves, ripples, folds, shadows, and lighted areas. Like I said before, I plan on painting more white pieces and experimenting with various shades and tones, and subject matter.

I have more exciting news to share but I'll hold off for a bit. I do want to let you all know, however, that my next piece is a horsey one. It's been a long time coming! I've been recently given permission to paint a wonderful scene of a mare with her newborn filly. When I first saw it, I immediately knew I just had to paint it. It was sent to my mate by one of his colleagues, and if I'm correct, her sister or brother's mare recently gave birth to a foal and they managed to capture such a perfect, beautiful moment that begs to be painted. Capturing that perfect moment with horses is such a rare treat, so if I have to beg for permission to paint something, I will! I can't wait to have it completed so I can share with all of you. I'll be starting it this weekend.

My website has also been a little neglected these past several months, I'm afraid, so I'll also be doing some work to bring it up to date. Not to make excuses, but since the move, we still haven't connected the Internet to my computer so I've been using Gilles'. So, I can't postpone it anymore and have to do the USB thing and update my site.

So, on that note, stay tuned and come back to see the horse piece soon! Take care everyone!

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