Monday, June 15, 2009

Middle Age

Middle Age
16 x 20 original acrylic

Hello to all! It's been a month, but a busy one. I had to put another much larger piece on the backburner while I painted this one. Pardon the glare, especially on the book.

In this piece, I used the same clock I used in Night Light. I wanted the book to be the center piece, hence the smaller clock. The painting is also called "Middle Age" as sort of a tribute to anyone who's reached middle age. The book is a French history book my dad used while in a private Catholic/Jesuit school in his early years. I was lucky enough to have snagged it years ago and held on to it. Now that I'm painting still life a lot, these old objects are becoming fun to come across. By the way, the title of the book is French for middle age.

Anyway, back to middle age. While we all wish we could regain our youth, there's something to be appreciated about middle age. Aside from the bits of wisdom most of us acquire by this time, there's also a special beauty that can only be attributed to middle age. Like the book, a little aged, a little frayed around the edges, with pleats and folds across the pages, there's still a beauty that remains. I chose to paint this piece in bright sunlight. While most of us (ahem, the artist especially), hate to be seen in the bright light that threatens to reveal our age, I found this same bright light emphasized the book's beauty, along with beauty of the light reflecting off the clock, sheet, and glass.

So, perhaps next time we want to shy away from revealing light, we might want to stop and remember that there's beauty in our lines, changed faces, and bodies. It's a graceful beauty, full of wisdom, unique to each of us.

Oh boy, I'm getting too philosophical. 'Nuff of that.

Okay, so the next piece is also a still life. I'm on a roll with this stuff baby! Now my dilemna is, do I paint the next one in bright light, or muted tones? Decisions, decisions . . .

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