Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First Art Related Interview

Yes, I've had my first radio interview today! Bright'n early this morning! (7:55 am!)

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I came home from work to find out I was going to have an interview about my art and the La Cloche Art Show. And my guy Gilles said yes and planned it all out for me. I get home and he says, "Bébé, you're doing a radio interview tomorrow." Too funny! But I'm glad he did accept on my behalf and make the plans.

The interview was conducted by Stéphane Levoguer from CBC Radio Canada. Unfortunately, I had to rush off to work right after so I didn't get to hear it. Gilles listened to it and said it was well done and it also had an interview with one of the creators of the La Cloche show blended. Wish I could've heard! I checked their site to get a clip, but there isn't one so far. I'll keep checking.

So, that was my excitement for the day. I want to end this off also by thanking Stéphane. Un très gros merci Stéphane!!! C'était un plaisir d'avoir participé.

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