Saturday, July 4, 2009

La Cloche Art Show

The show's billboard
Last night was the La Cloche Show's award presentation and wine and cheese held for the participating artists. Although I didn't win any prizes this year, I'm still quite delighted that 2 of my pieces were juried into the show. Just being juried into a show is a big deal! The pieces I have in the show are The Rodeo Crew I and Bottle and Vases, which can be seen on my website.

The show has a wonderful display of artworks and it's well worth the drive to Whitefish Falls to see it! There are also works on display from the amazing Ivan Wheale. If you've never seen Ivan's work, that alone would be worth the visit to the show! Ivan Wheale is somewhat of an icon in the art scene around here. You can see him pictured on the photo below, sitting down in the front row, looking at the woman beside him. It's great to be in a show where he exhibits!

As I've mentioned in last year's post about La Cloche, it has also had artworks shown in the past from very accomplished artists such as Sir Frederick Banting, Robert Bateman, and Bruno Cavallo, just to name a few. The La Cloche area is one that some members of the Group of Seven painted and visited as well.

And on that note, I'll close off my saying that tomorrow's also going to be an exciting day because the rodeo's in town again!!! Yep, I look forward to this time of year and will be attending tomorrow, camera in hand. Visit Rawhide's site for show details at

Me and some of the artists from the show. The picture doesn't contain everyone who was present, but I'm the one with the red arrow pointing over her head! (for some reason some pics aren't opening when you click on them!)

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