Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A New Little One to Share

11 x 14 original acrylic on canvas

Here's a piece I did Saturday night. I'd started just the underpainting on a previous night, and then completed it in a few hours Saturday night. This piece was intended to be something quick, light, and just for pure enjoyment, intentionally limiting the time allowed to complete it. Sort of an exercise. The horse is the same I'd painted in Miracle Man, the piece depicting Josh Lyons and a horse he broke last year. Like I said before, I fell in love with this horse and might paint him again in the future. He had the craziest, wildest mane, and I just absolutely fell in love with him! When his mane hung wildly in front, he was so beautiful.

We also attended the rodeo in Azilda this past Sunday afternoon. The weather was quite freakish with the wind blowing directly toward us. Little Miss Allergy here got extremely sick within no time and we ended up having to leave a little early, although I don't think we missed much because a storm arrived minutes after we left. So we did get to enjoy most of the show!

So what's on the easel now? Well, I'm going to paint that glass apple again, but under different lighting. I've got something for that apple . . .

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