Sunday, October 25, 2009

Auction Piece

30 x 40 original acrylic on canvas
Copyright 2009, Carole Rodrigue

It sure has been soooo long since I've posted. I have been working hard on producing new works, and well, my time was just better served in the studio. Sorry!

I call this painting Trésors, the French for Treasures. On the outside, the treasures may seem to be the objects themselves. Well they could be, but I've assigned deeper meaning. I guess I'm getting a little philosophical in my art.

The horse statue depicts my love of horses, their power, beauty, strength, grace, vulnerability, and how they so reflect our own nature. The gold cup and pearls depict my love of light, which compels me to paint and capture it in all of its unique manifectations. The book represents my love of reading and knowledge. I've always strongly believed in life-long learning and treasure my ability to learn new things each day. The clock represents time, which as we age, we certainly learn to treasure more and more with each new day. And then the trunk. The trunk signifies life itself, and the hidden mysteries which lay, waiting to be discovered. So, these are the real treasures of this painting.

This painting is being donated to the Subury YMCA's annual Art Auction, being held next Friday, October 30th. Their website is A wine and cheese begins at 6:00, and the auction at 7:00. I hope whoever bids on my painting treasures it as much as I enjoyed painting it! Hope to see you there!

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