Monday, November 23, 2009

Dog Painting

Morning Glory, Portrait of Tippy
11 x 14 original acrylic

Here is my latest painting, a portrait of Tippy. Sorry for the blurry photo! Although Tippy passed away a long time ago, she was so loved by her family that they wanted a portrait.

Apparently, Tippy used to love to walk about in the family's rock garden. I didn't have a reference for the rock garden, but I'm told that the garden I painted is just like the one they had and that it was as though I'd been there before. The person who commissioned the piece was also struck by Tippy's resemblance and said I'd captured the dog and her eyes perfectly. It's a really great feeling to know you've painted something that touches someone that way and can add joy to someone's life. Isn't that what art should do?

Tippy's not the last dog I'll be painting. I do have to paint a gorgeous chihuaha for my brother and his family. This dog is so spoiled, well, let's just say that this is the princess of the family. The whole family! I'll post that piece after I'm done. But right now, I'm working on a very large still life again and am so excited by this piece! I'm hoping it turns out as I plan. It should.

So, enjoy Tippy for now and we'll see you back soon!

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