Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finished Piece

Charlie's Buddy
24 x 30 original acrylic

So here you have it, the completed painting. I called it Charlie's Buddy because this is a rodeo horse that was in the same rodeo as Charlie, a painting I'd done a while back which can be seen on my site .  This horse was a bronc horse and he was a beauty! Well, aren't all horses beauties? Like Churchill said, "There's something about the outside of a horse that's good for the inside of a man."  That was an understatement. 

I'm now going to start on that pitcher I previously mentioned. I'll probably post a work in progress also. Usually, I don't like showing uncompleted work, but I'm game for it and I'll post them from time to time.

Also, in a previous post, I mentioned plans for the year and goals. I won't post goals this year because all they do is remind you of your failures. Instead, I'm going to focus on accomplishments and successes, as well as remaining positive.  We all have things we don't accomplish, so why waste time focusing on them? That's unproductive energy, so I'm not going there. All I will say is that I plan to do a lot of painting this year and making this year even better than the last! Hope you all have a better year as well. 

I want to also mention that the people of Haiti and anyone around the world who knows someone there, or has lost a loved one, are in my prayers. No words can express how many people, including myself, feel about this. It's just such a tragedy and my heart goes out to Haiti.

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