Monday, January 18, 2010

New Layout

Hello everyone. I started that still life painting, but am unsure yet about my background colour. So, instead of posting any pictures, I got bored with my blog layout and decided to change things around a little.  I've changed the background colour and added a slideshow. Hopefully it ads interest! Anyway, that's it. I was just bored. I'm more excited with the layout now. What is it with background colours???

Another interesting thing I wanted to mention was that I found out my blog was shared on someone's Twitter! The link to Charlie's Buddy was shared on someone's Twitter and I thank that person. It's great when people begin to share your art because something about it touched them enough to want to share. That's what artists strive for. Not necessarily the flattery, but that you've managed to create a piece of art which evoked something in someone. That's what art should do, in my opinion. Some people try to be political or scream their opinion of something in their art. I like to paint the beauty this world has to offer, and there is so much beauty in this world! Life's to short to focus on the negatives. So, this is why I like to evoke feelings in viewers. If I've managed to create a mood and stir up feelings, then I've succeeded. Depicting beauty, and creating mood and feelings. That's what my art is. Probably why I've changed the background colour also. White was so lifeless.  Mood, I think the blog has it now.

That's it for tonight folks. See you soon with some art!

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