Sunday, February 7, 2010

Still Life With Cherries WIP

This first photo is the beginning of a painting that is almost completed. I painted my background with black gesso and will add the color in layers as I go.  I've also just drawn out a very rough outline of a water jug using white chalk. Things get straightened out and adjusted as I paint. Most of my paintings happen this way, directly on canvas.


At this stage, I'm adding color and starting reflective work on the jug.  To paint reflections, it's important that I paint what I see and not what I think should go there.


Again, I'm adding more of what I see in the jug. Lines are a little messy, but will get cleaned up.


At this point, I've begun to paint in the cherries and a chair outline. I've also added the reflections from the camera's flash. I decided to leave this in since it added dramatic contrast.


Here's a closeup of the cherries. They look much better than this in real life. There's always a glare when shooting darker colors at night. Now, the only thing that's keeping me from finishing is to find a white cloth napkin.  Sounds silly, I know, but I do not own any white cloth napkins!  I've got other colors, but I need white. So, shopping I go! Then I'll be able to finish. It should be done this week.

I've also started a horse piece which should also be done next week. After that, I think I'll work on another equine themed painting. I drove around the local countryside yesterday since it was such a gorgeous sunny winter day. I've got tons of great shots, several as the sun was going down, with beautifully backlit horses. Just perfect! So, I'm really inspired by snow, sunsets, and horses right now. I'm looking forward to starting on this. Until I post the next piece, take care and thanks for dropping by!


Anonymous said...

I would appreciate more visual materials, to make your blog more attractive, but your writing style really compensates it. But there is always place for improvement

Carole Rodrigue said...

Thank you Anonymous. I always appreciate honest feedback. I pledge that I will work to add more visuals.

You've also inspired me to start working on a novel ... I did write one 10 years ago, nearly 400 pages. It was awful, so I burned it! But I could always give it another go . . .