Friday, August 20, 2010

Cat Painting

Petit plaisir
11 x 14 original acrylic
Copyright Carole Rodrigue 2010

Voila!  Here's my newest piece, a painting of my cat taking a rest in the warm glow from the window.  This girl is 14 years old, and one very cranky cat!  She's a Calico, so they're naturally cranky by nature, and this one has been this way since she was a baby.  I've had her a loooonnggg time!  But she does have her sweet side when she wants, and she is a beautiful cat. She epitomizes the saying, "Don't call me I'll call you!" attitude of cats that they're so well known for. 

I called this piece "Petit plaisir", which is French for simple pleasure.  I commented on Facebook the other day about my enjoying sharing watermelon with my Shihtzu and saying it was one of life's simple pleasures.  This inspired the title for this piece, and perhaps more?  A series maybe?  Who knows where life and art will lead me.

Today also marks the start of my new painting endeavour.  As previously mentioned, I'll be painting many smaller pieces, which will be quick studies and be available for a low price.  It'll be a great opportunity for any person who wants to collect original art to be able to afford to start collecting, and for seasoned collectors to add to their collection.  I hope to complete paintings either every day or two, but might start posting them when I have a few.  So keep visiting!  I do have Paypal available for those interested in purchasing a piece.  I have to add it to my new website soon.

In the  meantime, I need to get back in the studio.  I'm having issues with my computer crashing, so hopefully this will be resolved by next week.

Thank you for dropping in and for taking time to look at my art!  See you soon, and until next time, take care!

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