Wednesday, August 25, 2010


5 x 7 original acrylic on board
Copyright Carole Rodrigue 2010

Here is the first painting for my new study project.  I call this one Dreaming.  The horse wasn't actually dreaming since it was busy being part of a rodeo, but I thought it was a fitting name once the painting was done.

I was without a computer for a few days, so having this extra time to paint was great.  It was so great that I'm imposing a computer fast on myself.  I will still come online, but I'm committing myself to keep it brief, do what I must, and then paint. Not being online so much or doing computer work allowed me, or forced me, to stay busy in the studio, and that's a great thing!  It also feels great to work on smaller pieces again. These are studies, quick paintings, meant to improve my skills as an artist.  I haven't done these exercises in so long!  It's all a learning curve with art, just as in life, and the learning must never end if one wants to be true to their art, and themselves. 

One more painting got completed today, a seashell, and another is almost done. I will be posting the other tomorrow, so do come back!  These small works are for sale, for $50.00 CDN, so it's an excellent way to collect original art! 

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