Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sam's Girl

Sam's Girl
24 x 18 original acrylic
Copyright Carole Rodrigue 2010

Hi everyone, meet Dancer, the Arabian horse I lease.  She belongs to a wonderful young woman named Sam, so this explains the title.  Dancer didn't always have it easy in her earlier years, but since she's with Sam, she's been cherished, as she deserves to be.  She's a wonderful horse, one of the alpha mares on the ranch, and she's teaching me a lot about myself.  At 23 yrs old, she's a wise horse.  Sometimes that's not so good for me, but I absolutely love Dancer.  I don't get to ride her as much as I'd like to to my terrible back and joint pain, but if I could, I'd ride her every day.  Riding is very therapeutic; good for the body as well as the soul.  My kuddos to Dancer and Sam for their patience with me!  Sam needs to be rewarded for this. 

I've got some more pieces on the cooker, so to speak, and I also plan to start a series of smaller works.  I'm not returning to the daily painting project, but these will be quicker pieces, aimed at studying and strengthening my artistic skills.  When I did participate in the daily paintings a few years back, I found I learned so much and developped beyond leaps and bounds as an artist.  I'm hoping that by going back to these smaller studies that I attain a new level.

So, keep your eyes peeled and keep checking regularly.  More work will keep coming, and in the mean time, thanks for dropping in and take care!


Colette Theriault said...

Looking really good Carole! Cool reflection of the person in the eye!!

Carole Rodrigue said...

Merci Colette! :-D