Saturday, October 30, 2010

Golden Retriever and Shepperd Mix Portrait

As promised, I'm back with some art! These photos are of a commission of Sadie and Nalla. Sadie is a Golden Retriever and Nalla is a Shepperd Mix.

In this first photo, I've drawn out my sketch, making sure to add in the important details.

This second photo shows some of the drawing beginning to take shape. Going back and forth between an HB, a 2B, and a 6B pencil, I'm detailing those darker aspects of the drawing, making sure to go lightly and not get too eager with the darker areas. That could spell disaster!

This third photo shows Sadie beginning to look more like herself. With various size tortillons, I've softened lines drawn in for hairs and features. I've also begun using an 8B pencil to darken areas such as shadows, eyes, and nose.  It's important to go slowly and carefully. With graphite, it's easy to make a mess of the page, so slow and easy is the way to go.  I'm becoming satisfied with how Sadie is turning out. Now, I'm going to start working on smaller Nalla. This  should be fun since she has so much black.  By fun, I mean dangerous!  Even though this dog has a lot of black, I will use a lighter pencil such as an HB and a 2B.  I'll be back soon with Nalla's development, so stay tuned!

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