Monday, November 8, 2010

Golden Retriever & Shepherd Mix Portrait Completed

Hello again!  I've completed Sadie and & Nalla's portrait and handed it over to their owner who is very pleased with the outcome.  Seeing a client's reaction is always the most satisfying part of completing a commission!

On this first photo, I had Nalla's outline and began adding in the details, alternating between and HB, H4, and #8 pencils.  The eyes and nose were filled in first since these indicate if you're on the right track and give the dog's final character. If the eyes are wrong, the rest of the portrait will be wrong too!  I also added the ear outline. On the reference, Nalla had her ears right back, so after examining a couple of other photos, I drew in her ears as I thought they would be.

You can see the ears being filled in on this photo. 
And here you have the final photo.  Drawing these two was an immense pleasure!  I'm thoroughly enjoying getting back to drawing again. When I draw, I feel like I did when I was a little girl, sitting for hours on end with my coloring books.  I'm also playing with charcoal again and am looking forward to experimenting with still life on charcoal. I've also begun a Chihuahua portrait which should be done by week's end. 

Thanks so much for dropping by and come check my art again soon! 

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