Monday, January 31, 2011

David Doodle

David Charcoal Sketch

Hi again everyone.  Hope you've all been well!  I've been doing some painting, doing some sketching, and doing some planning.  I'm still working on a larger still life and hope to be done soon.  It's in the completion stage where I'm playing with lighting, shadowing, and final touches. It should be done within a few days.

I've also been keeping busy with some sketching.  I'm planning a David painting and am playing around with some ideas. So, as I sit there thinking, I'm doodling and sketching.  This one I sketched out in charcoal in about an hour and a half.  As I'd mentioned before, I'm really enjoying discovering charcoal again. It's a very tough medium to work with, and for now I'm just sticking with playing around. I am however, trying to use it a lot instead of pencil as I'm planning a piece.  This way, I'm getting to learn the feel again and increase my skill with it.  I'd really love to create truly remarkable charcoal pieces in the future.  Charcoal, as well as pencil.  I feel these two mediums are going back to the basics, and this is something we artists tend to neglect as we get caught up in a medium.  Again, as I already mentioned in another post, I absolutely LOVE getting lost in drawing again!  It truly makes me feel like I did as a child, sitting with my crayons and getting lost for hours. I find it so relaxing and therapeutic. 

Also sitting on one of my work tables is another very large canvas, this one waiting for a horse piece from a shoot I had last week, on one of the coldest days of the year!  Of course I had to pick this day for driving around and going in the frigid temps to go take pictures. This painting will be of a beautiful black Percheron on a cold day. Going out on this cold day was worth it. I took amazing photos with incredible lighting that could only have been achieved on such a day.  It was so cold that after about a ten minute shoot on a farm, I thought I'd lose my fingers despite wearing gloves! The price to pay for art . . .

Again, thanks for dropping in and taking the time to look! Please feel free to post comments or ask questions any time you'd like!

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