Wednesday, September 28, 2011

TLA, New Oil Painting

14 x 11 original oil
Copyright Carole Rodrigue 2011

Hi everyone, it has been a very long time since I've posted. This year has been a year filled with challenges and loss for me. The biggest was losing my mother, who had been diagnosed with cancer in March and then passed away on June 4th.  Needless to say, my attentions have been elsewhere this past year. I'm thankful I've had my art as an outlet and as a haven. Yes, I have still painted even though I haven't posted.

I've also started painting with oils again and wanted to share this piece which I called TLA. True Love Always. I remember childhood days with my friends, spending sunny afternoons outdoors and talking about the boy who would be our great love. We used to carve TLA, or write it down everywhere we could. Those are fond childhood memories -- the naivety and hopefulness of youth, fantasizing about wonderful futures, and great loves. What a girlie thing to do!  That's what this painting is for me though, the thought of wonderful futures, filled with blessings and wonder.  Even though life may throw major challenges our way, there is still always something to be amazed with, to hope for, and to smile about.  I hold on to my childhood wonder and hope. It is what keeps people always going forward, not looking back with sorrow.  Something exciting and wonderful is always just around the corner, and this also fuels my artistic soul.

There are a few commissions I'm also working on at the moment, some which won't be posted until much later due to them being gifts for people.  I'm happily painting away in my studio and letting my inner child splash paint on canvases. I will be sure to share more really soon!  Thank you so much for dropping by, and take care. 

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