Monday, February 27, 2012


Pearls of Wisdom
16 x 20 original oil on canvas
Copyright Carole Rodrigue 2012

Here is the final painting.  The photo was taken with my phone, so there is a glare as well as the colors are a little off in the background.  I'm definitely going to need a good photo for my website.  Painting this piece was exciting.  There was the challenge of painting gold, copper, and pearls in one piece, and I so much enjoy painting these different elements!  I must say that this is one piece that I enjoyed painting from beginning to end.  And no sooner was I done painting this one, and another canvas was on the easel and an hour later there was a fresh new layer of underpainting done on a new piece. The next one is a landscape, a winter scene that will be somewhat abstract in its composition, although still a realism piece. 

I'm on a roll now folks, and I expect to be showing many more pieces regularly, so keep visiting!  And thanks again for having a look.  I do hope you enjoy this one.  

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